Being Single??

~10 best things `bout being single ~

Singles often feel left out in our couple-driven society.

Whenever u`r tempted 2 feel down because of your singularity,

remember these reasons y flying solo can be d best way 2 go.

1. You can make last-mnute plans wif ur frens n stay out all nite if u want.

2. u can lie on both sides of ur bed n hve all the covers to urself.

3. u can flirt with d opposite sex without someone saying, "Who r u looking at?"

4. u can make ur own decisions.

5. u dun hve 2 rmmber ur significant other's birthday or anniversary.

6. u hve no one to clean up after.

7. u can leave d toilet seat permanently up if u`r a man, or permanently down if u`r a woman.

8. u can make a list of things u owez wanted 2 do...n actually do them.

9. u can listen 2 ur fav radio station in the car.

10. u can actually hold on to the remote control.

n dat`s why i actually love being single,,,hahahahaha,,,am i rite??


izzaty said...

tbe2 je rse rndu nk jd sgle cm dulu..


::miss cimi:: said...

pe la k.zaty nih,,xbaek taw ckp cm2,,ish2,,

izzaty said...

hehe..alaa...cimi...skali skala..

ape slhnye..


::miss cimi:: said...

er,,law yus dgr mrh lak die,,

mohd J said...

yeah! single itu indah!!

::miss cimi:: said...


izzaty said...

xnye...dye xkesa..

asl zaty syg dye..


asfz lily said...

single best..

intanurulfateha said...

no, im not :')