Tuesday, October 06, 2009

✿ Disappointed...

I've got bad3 news today,,
siyes bile taw ak felt like really3 disappointed,,
nk nges pn yer gak,,
uh cimi plez tahan air mata tuh,,
cant stop thinking bout that,,
xtaw sbnrnyer that thing true or not,,
but really disappointed with both of them,,
because of the evidence,,
plez help me to keep thinking positive as usual,,
as i am alwez be no matter what happened,,


.: wan r0hayaty :. said... [Reply to comment]

not just u dear,,
me too,
always thinking bout that,,
diffclt 2 keep away from mind,,
a lot of reason why i cnt forget bout that!!
help me God,,
cnt stand on bumi yg nyata!!
esh!! ape aku ngarut ni kak???

zack_rxm said... [Reply to comment]

cik cimi.. kita harus bersabar disetiap dugaan yang diberi.. Allah x kan beri dugaan keatas sesuatu hambanya jika hambanya x mampu.. sy doakan awk sentiasa gembira... bersabarlah yeh.. kembali ceria dan rian semula... peace!!!

zack_rxm said... [Reply to comment]

cik cimi.. adess!! kita perlu sabar dan tabah menghadapi setiap dugaan yang di beri.. bersabarlah.. yeh.. Allah x kan beri sesuatu dugaan tu keatas hambanya jika dia tau hambanya x mampu memikulnya.. bersabarlah yeh.... peace!! hope kembalilah ceria dan riang semula.. peace!!

✿ Cik Cimi said... [Reply to comment]

-wan rohayaty-
sgt bley sewel bl ak tringat.

✿ Cik Cimi said... [Reply to comment]

thx zack.
i will.
no matter wut hppned.
n i alwez keep on hepi evryday.

[جهاد Cr3w]Faizul™ said... [Reply to comment]

what happen???

tell me coz im superman...

[جهاد Cr3w]Faizul™ said... [Reply to comment]

Cik Cimi wht hppnd???

bertaubat lah said... [Reply to comment]

me too.. ;(

dunia nk kiamat~

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