Thursday, February 18, 2010

✿ Little Pisces.

water flows through rivers

as it flows through my eyes
they say a Pisces dreamer
has lived other lives

there's something more
here, i can see it clear

not something you hold on
your hand

the end of the circle
it ends with me in eternity

the poet and the dreamer
creating Pisces flow

there is world that we possess
that all of you can't know

there's something more there, i can see it clear
not something you hold in your hand
the end of the circle
it ended with me in eternity

beyond just what you can see lies darkness
my life it changes with everything around me
sometimes i need to get the hell out of here

if you are a soul in need
if you need compassion
i will stand up like a wall right by your side

i can tell what others can't tell
yes, i can read your mind

Pisces belongs in another world
at another time

neptune rules my hours
devoted by your side

the heart of the Pisces
sou lives through time
through time
mempunyai sikap yang sama tapi at the same time, gile3 punya laen.
emotional, tak stabil, pessimistic kekadang dan cuai bile handle bab cinte.
baek dan kekadang optimistic sebab tuh Pisces nih cukup unpredictable.
[er, betol kew??hmmmm.]


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