✿ I Hate The Past So Damn3 Much !!

i hate !!
i hate !!
i hate !!
please !!
juz leave me alone.
i dont want to remember anything about the past.
anything oke.
please !!
go away.
dont ever try to remind me.
because it such a hurt thing.
damn stupid
damn hurt.
damn hate.
i have my own life now.
so please dont ever enter my life anymore.


Ezad said...

Cimi ok ker?...

hurm.. marah sngt2 nie...

✿ Cik Cimi said...

xmrh pn.
cme xske bl ada yg remind kn mnda yg da lpas.

aleya said...

sape yg remind ko pasal bnda lepas ni?? bia aku ketok kepala dia..ni mesti mamat pink tu kan?