role play.

actor :
cimi as storyteller/director.
arip as pakcik
izat as ajis
adib as sudin
___ as ramli
[alamak missing he's name. im very the forgetful. sorry.]

Story : pendekar bujang lapok

Storyteller : at pakcik pendekar house.

Pakcik : this is the paper. [give the paper]

All : [looking at the pensil]

Pakcik : this is called short pencils.

All : we are ready pakcik.

Pakcik : write this down.

“ hi mambang land mambang water mambang fire mambang wind

mambang come from mountain si mambang.”

Ramli : how many times to write “mambang” daaa.

Pakcik : don’t talk !

just write !

“come to me owh si mambang. Only that my request mambang.”

That’ all for today.

Please read that ajis.

Ajis : okay pakcik.

“ hi mambang land mambang tree mambang fruit mambang short mambang long.....”

Pakcik : what are you reading?

This is not what i thought you !

What have you written? [take the paper from ajis]

Ajis : it’s in shorthand

Pakcik : can’t you read it?

Ajis : i wrote in shorthand but i read in longhand.

Pakcik : you’re an illiterate ajis.

You read ramli

Ramli : i can only read if i stand pakcik.

Pakcik : okay stand up.

Ramli : stupid can’t read.

“ hi mambang yellow mambang red mambang white mambang black mambang green....”

Pakcik : this is not what i taught you. [take the paper from ramli]

What have you written ?

Ramli : it’s in arabic pakcik.

Pakcik : why is it going downwards ?

Ramli : it’s been up for too long.

Pakcik : stupid !

Wood blind.

Sit down !

Sudin : you dont know how to read, stupid.

You said other stupid.

Pakcik : now sudin bace.

Sudin : im reading okay.

“hi mambang land mambang water mambang fire mambang wind”

Pakcik : good !

Sudin : “mambang drunk drink bragy.”

Pakcik : do you think those mambang sell bragy? [take the paper from sudin]

Aik what this you draw people ?

Sudin : this is not people pakcik.

This is mambang.

Pakcik : crest head you mambang !

All of you are illiterate and wood blind !

From now on i order all of you go to school.

All : okay pakcik.

Storyteller : That all from us. Thank you.


Heidi Shafiq said...

hahahahaha... "it’s been up for too long" aku suke ni..

pecah perut aku bace entry ni..

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@Heidi Shafiq

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hahaa classic! :P

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terPAKSE ~