Tag by Amiera

Rules : Once you've been tagged ,you're supposed to write a note with 100 TRUTH about you. At the end,choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. Tagged means " I'm interested in knowing what your 100 truth are".

Real name : Nur Cimi =.="
Nickname : Cimi
Zodiac sign : Pieces
Male or female : Female
Elementary school : SK (P) Methodist 1
Highschool : SMK (P) Methodist & SMT (Pert) Chenor
College : ILPP & KPMIM & UTEM
Hair colour : Black
Tall or short : Medium
Sweat or jeans : Jeans
Phone or Camera : Phone
Health freak : Allergic
Orange or apple : Apple
Do you have a crush on someone? : Yes
Eat or drink : Drink
Piercings : Nope
Pepsi or coke : Coke


Been in an airplane : Nope
Been in relationship : Yes
Been in a car accident : Yes
Been a first fight : Yes


First household chores : Erk
First best friend : Her
First award : Forgot
First crush : Ari
First word : Erk
First section : Erk
Last person you talked to in person : Sister
Last person you texted : Ateh
Last person you watched a movie with : Sister
Last food you ate : Chocolate
Last movie you watched : Rapunzel
Last song you listen to : Lagu blog amiera
Last thing you bought : Shirt
Last person you hugged : Ateh


Food : Mom's cook
Drink : Mineral water =.="
Bottoms : Jeans
Flower : White rose
Animal : Erk =.="
Colour : White Pink
Movie : All
Subject : Erk =.="

(Put an X in the bracket if yes)

[x] falling in love with someone.
[] celebrate Halloween
[x] had your heart broken
[x] went over the minutes/ texts on your cellphone
[] had someone question my sexual orientation
[] got pregnant
[] had an abortion
[x] did something i regret
[x] broke a promise
[x] hide a secret
[x] pretend to be happy
[x] met someone who changed your life
[] pretend to be sick
[] left the country
[x] try something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
[x] cried over the silliest thing
[] ran a mile
[x] when to the beach with your best friend
[x] got into an argument with your friend
[x] hated someone
[x] stayed single for a whole year


Eating : Jajan
Drinking : Slurpee
Listening to : Cartoon erk
Sitiing or laying : Siting
Plan for today : Nothing
Waiting : Him


Want kids : Sure
Want to get married : Ofcourse
Career : Erk =.="


Lips or eyes : Eyes
Shorter or taller : Medium =.="
Romantic or spontaneous : Both
Nice stomach or nice arms : Arms
Hook -up or relationship : Relationship
Looks or personality : Personality


Lost glasses/contacts : Nope
Snuck out of a house : Yes
Held a gun/knife for self defense : Nope
Killed somebody : Nope
Broken somebody heart : Yes
Been in love : Yes
Cried when someoned died : Yes


Yourself : Yes
Miracles : Yes
Love at first sight : Yes
Heaven : Yes
Santa claus : Nope
Superstition : Nope
Kiss on the first date : Erk


Is there one person you want to be with right now ? Yes
Do you know who your real friends are ? Yes
Do you believe in God ? Yes
Post as 100 truths ? Yes

Friends to been tagged : -

ateh. heidi. sara. ieqa. bena. intan. cikhelena. tyka. misz rose. fyka. korang dan korang dan korang semua. HAHA. penat oo nak tulis maka semua orang yang bace buat la. thx amiera kerane tag. HAHA. penat jugak nak taep nih. erk =.="


LurvelyAmiera said...

yeyeee..da wat..pnat kn na taip byk2x..^_^

asyfiqaz said...

banyak and panjang gaban gaban tag dy..fuhh~

cik helena said...

cikhelena tu saya ke?hahaha!hutang!ngeee

Heidi Shafiq said...

pjg giler babeng..!!

Fyka said...

makkk aiii banyak nyer..xpe2 t fyka wat eh..

noorafzan said...

macma diff version of 'banyak tanya betul' tag
but perlu tag 15 orang je.

BENA said...

panjanggggggggggggggggnye TAG nih cimi oiii . hahahaha :)

✿ CikCimi said...

penat sgt syg.

✿ CikCimi said...


✿ CikCimi said...

@cik helena
cis cis.
cepat buat hutang.

✿ CikCimi said...

@Heidi Shafiq
buat je la gile.
ko kan rajin.

✿ CikCimi said...

oke syg.

✿ CikCimi said...

mmg bnyk tny.
jnuh nk jwb.

✿ CikCimi said...

bukan selalu kene buli.