GiveAway : AnisUmbrella Boutique

salam. tag giveaway dari ieqa. simple GiveAway from AnisUmbrella, newbie blogshop. camne nak join? 
1. First of all , do LIKE my AnisUmbrella Boutique Facebook page 
 2. Make a simple entry about this GiveAway and dont forget to put on the banner in your entry (which provided up there) .
3. Do follow me , but this is not necessary , just to make you easier with this giveaway updates .
4. Do tag at least 2 of your friends and make sure that they aware with your tag.
5. DONE ! and leave your link HERE ! 
dan nak taw hadiah pulak? bole la ke blog anis. hadiah memang menarik. aku tag jan dan yatie. jemput la join. harap ade luck, aminnn. tarikh tutup penyertaan : 18 July 2011.


shazzy :) said...

nak ajak join sini pulak :D

bunga said...

good luck..

cik helena said...

cimi bila nak buat?hee

✿ cikcimi said...

@shazzy :)
insyaAllah. :)

✿ cikcimi said...

mekasehhh! :)

✿ cikcimi said...

@cik helena
alamat la. cimi buat mesty tade yang join. :P

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

dear !! TQ so much for joining
gud luck k dear !