Tuesday, December 27, 2011


salam. do i love this things so much that i had to do an entry? no I'm not and I'm not really into both of them. its been a month i guess. I've doing this for my bengkel 1 and object oriented programming subject. haih. I'm so sick of it. by the end of this month i need to present all those coding coding thing. but everything still not under my control yet. still got an error here and there. bikin saket kepale tahu? those thing, those java and c++ really pisses me off. even though i never learn it anywhere but i already understand how to deal with it. alahai kacang je babe. belagak seh. yeah congratulation to my self. 
take a break with hawaii five-o.


ahsfantasy24 said... [Reply to comment]

Morning dear!

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Khumaera Ismail aka Mariam Ismail said... [Reply to comment]

mase mula2 blaja c++, benci gile. pening pala sebab skrin sume hitam putih je.tak menarik langsung T__T

nitnot said... [Reply to comment]

Java ? ouh next sem gua baru nak belajar . *sakitotak

Aha , coding boleh buat orang gila sometimes kan ? -.-

Tapi sumpah hepy nak mampus kalau dapat debug kan ? Kalau error melambak macam nak hantuk hantuk je kepala kat screen lappy tuh . ehh ?

*Coding-it's better than kau jawab addmath , lagi gila woihh . Fer me la . Ahha .

Ehh , ni komen ke entry ? Pfft ;p

cikcimi said... [Reply to comment]

Setuju. Better coding dari addmath. Haha.

cikcimi said... [Reply to comment]

@Khumaera Ismail aka Mariam Ismail
Memang tak menarik langsung. :D

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