i put a lots of effort just to come and see you there. but when it's time to say goodbye, there are lots of  your words hurt me. that made ​​me cry three hours all the way back and all night at home. we were rarely meet, once in 6 months i guess. is it wrong that i want to know anything. when i opened the conversation, you say that i am your stalker? stalker? your girlfriend is your stalker? seriously this word really hurt me. just because i read your conversation? is it wrong that i can't read it? was it too private? are there anything that you want to hide? the reason you say it would spoil the mood. am i the spoiler mood? you really made my heart fall into pieces. thanks love. 

i thought in relationship, there is nothing to hide but i am wrong.


nana iliyanah said...
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cikcimi said...

@nana iliyanah What do you mean by "THIS" ?