I plan to send a cake to my mom on Monday. But the cake seller has not yet returned my email. So whether it's Monday or the next day. But I can not send to the office, all the monster there will eat the cake before mom. Sure punya. Haha. Last week I had a fight with mom. We did not talk until I returned to Malacca. This is not a big fight or argue actually. The cause was a friend to my sister or we called her anak angkut. If you read this, you know yourself. Well mom, I'm sorry. I do not mean to do that. I just do not want to send her back. That's it. But then you yell at me. What's wrong if I'm not sending her back. Alahai esok lusa bukannya takde kan. Yela I'm sorry.

So anak derhaka. =.="

Selamat hari ibu. Still I have never forget everything about you, your love, your care, your cook, your warm and all the penat lelah dalam melayan kerenah saya. I pray for your healthy and longevity mom. Love ya till Jannah.

Much Love,
Your sweet beautiful naughty daughter.

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